Commandeering the Corn Crib

After dreaming all night of fresh chainsaw blades moving through pine like butter, the fellas finished cutting the port side garboard log first thing this morning. With the chainsaw ready for a rest, it was the forklift that then moved with a flurry through the yard for the rest of the day. The corn crib has served our beloved rigger, Sam, well but, his time there has come to an end.


We made our mark in the corn crib with a couple of sizeable chunks of pine to set our logs on so that they would be at a workable height. Next in our takeover came the center log, followed by our port side garboard log. With the starboard garboard log and wing nested together, we brought them both over in a single trip and lastly brought over the port side wing log.

Since there is still work to do before the three largest logs are ready to fix together, we stacked both of the wing logs outside of the corn crib to save some space. This is the first that we have seen the logs all laid out next to each other and it is a pretty exciting moment. The next time that the hull sees daylight, she will be ready to hit the water in the spring, but there is still a lot of fun work to do before then.


The next steps will be for us to work on shaping the center and garboard logs and prepare them to fit together before we throw on the wings and shape the chine of the hull. With rain on the horizon it looks as if we got under cover just in time.


Cole MeyerhoffComment