Garboard Cutting Continues


After running the chainsaw hard yesterday, we took advantage of a rainy morning and tore down the saw to give it a thorough cleaning and tune up. We then did a little log shuffling with the forklift in the yard this afternoon and got the port side garboard log off of the mill and ready to cut.

Since we have already shaped the outside of this log, there is only one cut to make to extract our wing section. Even with a freshly sharpened chain however, the saw did not perform quite as well as yesterday and we will have to complete the cut in the morning with a fresh blade. For other work a chain can be sharpened and used three or four times before developing any wander through the cuts. These cuts are very long and since we are cutting at the maximum surface area for the saw blade, a fresh blade is more than worth our time.

We will be slicing through our log first thing tomorrow morning and then the rest of our work this week will be moving all of our puzzle pieces to the corn crib. There, the canoe will sit for the rest of its construction until spring when she will emerge complete.


Cole MeyerhoffComment