Christmas Came Early

The fellas got to Monday morning with a special delivery waiting in the mailbox. Our brand new, very own, head cutter bracket for the chainsaw. This adjustable wonder clamps to the bar of the chainsaw and allows us to run the chainsaw vertically and square. After a couple test runs and some customization this morning we took the saw to our starboard garboard log. With two people running the saw, we were able to accurately follow our lines that were transferred from the center log.


The setup performed amazingly well and was easily worth the time to get the rig dialed in, for in just two cuts we had the garboard log roughly shaped. All of a sudden our logs looked a lot more like a boat and the yard looked like the finest example of this boat’s process as nearly all of the pieces lay side by side.

With our chainsaw bracket running like a song, we have been able to remove material with as little waste as possible. We expect to have our port side garboard log trimmed down tomorrow and with both garboards roughed out, we will move onto our wings. The excess from our garboards should be just enough to make these last sections and we hope to have each of the logs blocked up in the corn crib by the end of the week where we will complete the final shaping.


Cole MeyerhoffComment