All's Fair in Love and Pine

This morning we finished fairing the bottom of the hull, removing the bulk of the wood with adzes and finishing with the power planes. Now that the bottom is faired square at its maximum thickness, we are ready to taper from our center line out to the sides where it will meet the garboard logs. This final fairing will wait until the rest of the logs are ready to be glued together, but we will taper from a few inches from the sides to their final angle so that we can use that edge to scribe the bottom of the log onto the garboard logs.


With the bottom of the hull squared across, the shape of the canoe is really starting to appear. Nobody in the yard seems to walk by without stopping to admire how the hull is quickly trimming down to her final thickness. Next, we will work to remove sap wood, which is not strong or rot resistant, from both of the ends. This will then give us a surface to build on with more solid material so that we have a smooth, even gluing seam.



Cole MeyerhoffComment