The Center Log Takes Shape

After finishing a few remaining kerfs to define the depth of our center line across the width of the center log, the shipyard became a flurry of axe and adze. Even though measuring and cutting the kerfs feels time consuming in the moment, the advantage that they give when removing material is quickly apparent.


It is easiest for multiple people to do this stage of work with the log propped up at an angle. With the log blocked up, we worked across the bottom chopping down close to our line on each side. After removing the bulk of waste wood, we move the log upside down and re-block to evenly support it before starting to square her bottom with planers.


The final piece to this stage of work will be to taper a few inches of the sides, on the bottom, to their final thickness much like we did on the top (inside) of the log. With this space on the inside and out we will then work on scribing each seam onto the corresponding garboard logs.


Cole MeyerhoffComment