Welcome to Caroline


Welcome to Caroline, the building of a Chesapeake Bay racing log canoe.

More than just a boat, the log canoes are one of the oldest staples to the waters of the Chesapeake; tracing their origins back centuries to vessels of the indigenous peoples of the region. No longer used or built as working craft, here on the eastern shore the remaining canoes can be seen racing to and fro over the rivers through the summer months. With crews, reputations and hulls that span generations, each of the canoes are recognized by identities all their own. Within this fleet imbued with tradition; the allure of gliding across the water on these tender, yet powerful crafts and tales of victory, or its near achievement are as old as the boats themselves.

Some records of the log canoes built throughout the Chesapeake region exist, but it is difficult to know exactly how many have sailed these waters. It is certain however, that only a small percentage remain intact and even fewer in sailing condition. The most recently built canoes are Bufflehead, built by CBMM in 2015 and Eve, built by John Cook in 2017 and are both smaller canoes. At 32 and a half feet long, Caroline is the first log canoe of her size to be built in decades. She will incorporate both traditional and modern tools and techniques throughout her construction depending on the various stages. Elements of the shipyard such as chainsaws and the sawmill reduce the time of large cuts, while at other times there is no match for a traditional adze.

Caroline is being built by CBMM’s own Shipyard Manager, Michael Gorman and the newest Shipwright Apprentice to join CBMM, Cole Meyerhoff. Throughout the duration of the project we will post daily updates of our progress and document the stages of her construction. We look forward to sharing this build and journey with you.

Cole Meyerhoff

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