The Center Log


Left over from Edna Lockwood’s restoration are three yellow pine logs that will make up Caroline’s center and garboard logs. We have cut each of the logs to their final widths on the sawmill and have laid out the full size plans on our center log. With the lines necessary to begin carving transferred from our plans to the side of the center log, we start removing material.

After some careful maneuvering of the forklift, we got the center log set up square on the sawmill and cut a baseline. Then, with the log sitting on it’s freshly flattened bottom, we cut two slices out of the top of the log so that we can remove a large middle section in one cut with the sawmill. At the bow and stern ends where the plans curve upward, we make kerfs, or slices, with the chainsaw and can then cut to our curves with axe and adze. While the sawmill can save considerable time on certain sections; here at the ends, hand tools are our best option and give some connection to the original process behind these historic boats.


Cole MeyerhoffComment